The Edge Door

Wood possesses a certain depth and story through its age, grain, and colors.


The Edge pivot door is one of our most highly engineered designs.  Our team at Modern Steel Doors have evolved this door to be refined, yet very crude and straight forward.  The premise behind the door concept was simple, glass stacked on metal, stacked on glass, then stacked on metal again and repeat.  The end result was a metal glass front door unmatched by any other entry door company.  This was only accomplished by the synergistic relationship created by utilizing the strength of steel and the unparalleled door engineering found at Modern Steel Doors.  See the video below.

Entryways that featured this metal glass front door are indeed very special.  The Edge pivot door is beautiful and commands attention.  It’s a functional piece of art that is adored by all.  However, there exists an element of crudeness that makes the door unapologetic.  In other words, this door design is bold and visually striking and it has the confidence to let everyone know it’s there.  Learn more about our front door artist JCruz.

There are three parts to the Edge Door Design.  Select from the powder coating finish, glass, handles and locks offered by Modern Steel Doors.  There are eight standard powder coated finishes. Within the eight are very popular black and bronze options.  Different textures and sheens also exist.

To create further interest, substitute wooden pieces for the glass portions of the door.  This is only for the daring. This method combines the monochromatic visual nature of powder-coated finishes coupled with the beauty and uniqueness that only wood and Mother Nature can provide.  Modern Steel Doors offers Mahogany, White Oak, Walnut, Teak, and Washed Teak wood options.

This metal glass front door provides the ideal canvas for the Modern Steel Doors line of Hand Sculpted Pulls.  Select a square pull to match the linear aspect of the Edge sections or specify a round pull to go against the grain.  In either case, the net result will be something beyond spectacular.

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