Wood Doors

Wood Doors

Our solid wood pivot doors possess a certain depth and story through the age, grain, and colors of the wood used.


Wood is living, therefore, when it is used as an architectural material, it adds an organic dimension to a project. Whether it is used as an accent or a dominant material, wood offers qualities unique from synthetic materials, such as metal or glass. Wood possesses a certain depth and story through its age, grain, and colors. For our solid wood pivot doors, we minimize the use of other materials in order to capitalize on the valuable qualities that wood possesses. For these contemporary wooden front doors, metal takes on a supporting role. The all-wood construction is made possible by a structural steel frame. Wood is yin providing organic beauty while metal is yang providing structural strength.

Modern Steel Doors only uses high-quality hardwoods to create our solid wood pivot doors. You'll never have to worry that our hardwoods will delaminate, because they are not laminated to begin with. No corners are cut when it comes to our sleek contemporary wooden front doors. We offer five versatile wood species that complement many homes. These woods include Mahogany, White Oak, Walnut, Teak, and Washed Teak. Our hardwoods are easy to maintain and require no specialized maintenance tools or knowledge. Alternatively, sometimes clients want to match the wood already used in their home to that of their new solid wood pivot door. Learn more about your hardwood finish options here. 

Skillfully combining different materials creates an even more impressive overall product. A solid wood pivot door provides the perfect backdrop for our hand-sculpted metal door handles. Modern Steel Doors has created a line of statement door hardware in different sizes, shapes, and finishes. Using long metal door pulls in front of a wooden background introduces new material and creates a focal point for your modern wood exterior door. The hardware used on your contemporary wooden front door is a critical detail that instantly transforms your home entrance from acceptable to exceptional.

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