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“The solution is a front door with no compromises

Every part of the home serves a different purpose. The furniture, decor, colors, and lighting are all tailored to each room’s unique purpose. Immense thought and attention to detail are necessary in order to craft the perfect space. Likewise, the interior and exterior spaces of a home each strive to achieve a different feeling. What bridges the outside world and the intimacy of your own home is the front door. The front door is a point of transition and should introduce the opposing spaces to each other. This responsibility requires versatility. Homeowners are often faced with the dilemma of choosing a front door that primarily compliments the exterior or the interior. With so many expectations for different regions of the home, this decision becomes very difficult and even unfair.

Modern Steel Doors understands this common problem. The solution is a front door with no compromises. Modern Steel Doors enables clients to choose different materials to use on the interior and exterior sides of their front door. Our diverse collection of organic hardwoods and beautiful metal cladding create the opportunity for clients to craft the perfect impression for both the exterior and interior of their home.

Modern Steel Doors creates works of art. Every piece of art needs a focal point and the hardware of your front door is capable of fulfilling this purpose. Perhaps one of the most unique and memorable products that Modern Steel Doors specializes in is our hand-sculpted wood and metal door pulls. Often, the client desires a warm and intimate home interior, but a bold and statement exterior. In this situation, a wooden door pull may be chosen for the interior and a hammered metal pull for the exterior. The opportunities to customize your front door pulls to compliment both the interior and exterior needs of your home are very diverse.


  • This is a two-sided door design. This door design can be combined with other door designs that have the same yin-yang symbol. Different interior/exterior door designs and hardware can be combined. See Compatible Metal Doors
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