What do I need to receive a quote?

    • In order to receive a quote, clients must provide
      • Door design
      • Width
      • Height

           in quarter-inch increments. Request a quote here.

What door sizes are available?

    • Our doors are all custom-built and nearly any dimensions are possible. Very large doors and unexpected dimensions are common.

What happens after receiving a quote?

    • Make initial deposit
    • Samples sent out in the mail
    • Client specification sheet completed by the client
    • Shop drawing created
    • Shop drawings are approved by the client
    • Production begins

Do we supply samples?

    • Yes, we send out samples of finishes, glass, and door pulls.

What are door skins/cladding?

    • Door skins are exterior door finishes that are available for any metal door design. Also known as cladding, these metal skins undergo a metal treatment process that creates a unique effect and appearance. Explore our modern exterior door cladding.

Are your doors rated for hurricane impact?

    • No, our doors are custom-made and do not pass storm rating requirements.

How much do pivot doors cost?

    • Pivot doors generally cost more than conventional doors. Considering industry prices, most pivot doors begin at around $5,000 and move upward with no limits. 

How can I get a cheap pivot door?

    • While pivot doors are not an inexpensive product, we have created an economic version of our pivot door line. Our Builder’s Series Line of pivot doors reduces costs where possible, allowing clients to enjoy the same door at a lower price. Learn more about affordable pivot doors here.

Can our door pulls be used on other doors?

    • Yes, our door pulls can be used on any door, not just our own. Our pulls have been used on storefront doors, shower doors, and even barn doors. See our contemporary door pulls.
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