Glass and metal are creatively combined ...

to fashion front doors that create an experience and have a story.

Inspiration for the Edge Door Design

A simple, even crude, idea of stacking lines and space was the inspiration for the Edge Door design. Alternating metal lines and glass spaces has turned into a unique custom front door with glass design that works especially great with scale. In order to create the illusion of floating metal beams, engineering the glass spaces with minimal framing was necessary. The framing was created to provide the structural needs of the pivot door and then disappear. The Edge Door has created gorgeous home entries for our clients around the world. See Edge Door Video.

Inspiration for the Wave Door Design

The memory of witnessing the ocean for the first time was the inspiration for the Wave Door design. A beautiful custom glass door design was realized in the endeavor to recreate the rolling waves of the ocean. An ocean wave consists of water and air creating the shape of the wave. Likewise, this residential glass entry door consists of the wave as the dramatic foreground and space above as the background. The space above and below the wave line of the door is an opportunity to create contrast using different glass or metal finishes. Sidelights are an elaboration of this custom glass door and can be used to elongate the wave scene. Additionally, the door pull design of the Wave Door was inspired by a surfboard fin and draws attention to the curvature of the scene. Modern homes consist of predominantly straight lines. The design of this custom metal door is unconventional and demands attention among the straight lines of a home. See Wave Door Video.

Combinations of the Horizon Door Design

The Horizon Glass Metal Door has been carefully choreographed to create a unique aesthetic experience. The design of this custom metal door strategically combines various materials without overwhelming the viewer. There is an intuitive hierarchy that provides the viewer with a clear path to navigate the composition.

Here is a description of how to customize your glass and metal door:

  1. The centerpiece is the dominant center of attention and the largest section of material. Metal cladding may be used to fill this space to create a dramatic composition. Obscured or textured glass may be used to create contrast with the upper and lower glass panels. Alternatively, wood may be used to introduce organic warmth to the composition.

  2. Upper and lower backgrounds are matching glass panels. These may be clear, frosted, or tinted. The desired amount of light, privacy and appearance are all factors to consider when making a choice for your residential glass entry door.
    Large door pulls are strategically chosen to create contrast with the three backgrounds. The ends of the door pulls terminate in the center of the upper and lower backgrounds. The length and placement of the pulls create cohesion between the centerpiece, the door pulls and the upper and lower backgrounds.

  3. A door finish is finally chosen to resemble the rest of the home’s doors and windows. The custom metal and glass door finish is intended to be subtle and not meant to draw attention in this composition.

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