The Segmented Door Design has been designed to maximize views and segment the large glass panes.  Its basic design is the Full View Door, however, it is coupled with simulated horizontal lite dividers.  These dividers add an architectural element that creates just enough buzz to make the door interesting, but not too plain.  Specify the number of dividers or trust our recommendations. Dividers can also be aligned with other architectural details.  Whatever the design concept is, the Modern Steel Doors Segmented Door Design is a perfect complement to today’s modern architecture.

As with all Modern Steel Doors products, the Segmented Door Design is fabricated from ninety-eight percent recycled American Steel.  The steel used for doors could have been an old vehicle, windows from a vintage schoolhouse or remnants from an old building created during the Industrial Revolution.  Combined with our finishing process, the final product is highly eco-friendly. Our powder coating process emits zero Volatile Organic Compounds. When present, Volatile Organic Compounds can cause serious human health problems and are dangerous to the environment.  The team at Modern Steel Doors takes great pride in offering highly engineered and environmentally friendly entry door options.

The door pull selection can have several different aesthetic impacts on the overall appearance of the door.  Select the included powder-coated door pulls made by Modern Steel Doors to limit the number of finishes in the space.  One option is to offset the door pulls into the body of the door panel. If done as described, the horizontal simulated dividers are intersected by the tall vertical door pull.  From afar, this intersection can double the amount of square/rectangles in the door. The second option is to conceal the door pull on the door frame. This will produce long horizontal simulated glass pieces that appear to be stacked upon each other.  To create further interest, consider upgrading to Brushed Stainless Steel or our Hand-Sculpted Pulls.

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