The Metal Door

A timeless design characterized by minimalism, structural soundness, and sophistication.


Our modern minimalist front doors are some of our most diverse door designs. These custom steel doors have appealed to all of our target markets: architects, builders designers, and owner builders. These minimalist front doors are finished in a powder coat to provide a monochromatic and synthetic appearance. When paired with a powder-coated pull, the minimalist front door design results in a modern appearance that is understated when closed, yet it builds excitement as the door pivots open. Aesthetically speaking, these doors exude a quiet elegance while maintaining an impressive command.

Alternatively, when not paired with a powder-coated pull, these minimalist front doors create the perfect background for many of our contemporary door pulls. Choose from our line of brushed stainless steel door handles to create the quintessential modern contrast. However, to add visual warmth to your custom steel door, add our one-of-a-kind hand-sculpted pulls. The powder-coated background provides the perfect setting for these pieces of art. The patina hand-sculpted pulls will add the most warmth, while the polished options will create the biggest visual impact. As always, feel free to consult with the experts at Modern Steel Doors for their expert opinions on the best minimalist front door design and door pull combinations.

When looking for a modern minimalist front door with its own personality, a truly unique pattern, and an organic appearance that provides visual warmth, look no further than the door skins offered by Modern Steel Doors. We offer a variety of claddings, which include unfinished Raw Steel, Blackened Steel & Corten. Each finish carries with it its own special characteristics, tones, and maintenance requirements. Explore these unique metal door finishes, they are jaw-droppingly beautiful. If a space is designed properly, the minimalist front door will be a focal point. Plus, no two doors will ever be alike. Once the deposit is placed, large samples will be provided to ensure that the finish and expectations align with each other.

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