The right entry door can add a subtle accent or make a bold statement.

Modern Steel Doors offers a unique collection of modern pivot doors. Every single one of our pivoting doors has been designed to create a breathtaking experience.

Modern Front Doors that are handcrafted by artisans who take genuine pride in their work. Exclusive features are engineered into every aspect of every pivot front door.

Glass Doors

Glass is not sought after for its content, but rather for its clarity. It is characterized by the ever-changing scene that lies beyond it. Glass as an architectural material is airy, clean, and introduces natural light. See our glass door gallery here.

Wood,  Metal, & Glass Doors

Skillfully combining different materials creates a complex and multisensory experience. While each brilliant on their own, wood, metal, and glass assume a new identity upon uniting. Thoughtful design allows each material to elevate its characteristics in a distinct and sophisticated way. See our wood, metal, and glass door gallery here.

Metal Doors

Metal is equal parts assertive and sophisticated, introducing structure and strength. Metal plays a role in every front door, ranging from minimal to entirely metal constructions. See our metal door gallery here.

Glass & Metal Doors

Glass and metal are a simple, classic, and timeless pair. These materials used in conjunction complement any entryway and create a balance between the defining qualities of glass and metal respectively. Uniquely inspired designs emphasize the interaction between the two materials. See our glass and metal door gallery here.

Client Testimonials

Building your dream home requires the ability to imagine what space can become. Our past clients have enthusiastically shared their experience transforming their entryways with Modern Steel Doors. Explore our client testimonials here.


Rather than creation, remodeling highlights transformation. Improving a space while maintaining familiarity is what makes remodeling a unique project. Each door is custom made to the exact dimensions and specifications of your current space. Learn more about remodeling your entryway here.

The Company

Over the last 35 years, thousands of clients have entrusted Modern Steel Doors with their front door. We have learned what is important, how to create a memorable experience, and how to make doors that evoke emotion. We are grateful for the opportunities we have had to create win-win interactions with our clients all over the world. Learn more about our company here.

The Artist

The truly unique does not come to us, it comes through us. It comes for the delight of everyone. Humble gratitude is all we actually have and it is what allows everything to happen. Read more here.

modern steel front door assembly and construction
hand made and sculpted custom door hardware designs

Modern Steel Doors is the preeminent pivot door company in the world.

What is a pivot door? How do they work?

Pivot Door[piv-uh t]  [dawr]

  1. A door that rotates about an axis that is nonadjacent to its doorjamb. The nonadjacent axis placement creates a space on either side of a pivoting door and its doorjamb. The active side of a pivot door moves in an opposing direction to the inactive side as the pivot door is operated. The dual spaces and opposing movements of a pivot door create a unique experience in contrast to the single space and single directional movement of a conventional door.
  2. A door that transfers its weight directly downward. Pivot doors are suspended via a hinge placed under the door and a hinge placed on top of the door. The hinge under the door transfers the door’s weight directly downward. The hinge on top of the door maintains the door’s alignment by subduing the shear force. Both hinges must be capable of mitigating the respective forces for ease of use.
    • Conventionally hinged doors indirectly transfer their weight through the doorjamb. The indirect transfer is accomplished through pushing and pulling on the doorjamb. The stress of pushing and pulling causes misalignment and reduces the size and weight capacity of conventionally hinged doors.

Active & Inactive Spaces Explained with Pivot Door Diagram

Active Space[ak-tiv]  [speys]

  1. The passage area of a pivot door. The passage area is functional and wider than the inactive space.

Inactive Space[in-ak-tiv]  [speys]

  1. The non-passage area of a pivot door. The non-passage area is aesthetic and narrower than the active space.

What does all of this mean to me?

  1. You can have a really big front door, two to three times bigger than a regular door.
  2. You can have an entrance door that creates a show as it operates.
  3. Your front door can transcend all other doors and become an unforgettable experience.

How do our clients benefit from our experience?

  1. Modern Steel Doors manufactures its own pivot door hinges in order to create a turnkey pivot door that is ready to use. This means no assembly, no concrete cutting, and no misalignment. This exclusive feature is unavailable anywhere else.
  2. Modern Steel Doors manufactures and integrates its own proprietary components. This means that your pivot door threshold is built to your exact specifications. It matches identically in finish and it’s built into your pivot door jamb. This means that your weatherstripping has been designed specifically to seal, operate, and improve your pivoting door experience. This exclusive feature is unavailable anywhere else—it was built from the ground up by MSD.
  3. Modern Steel Doors creates hardware that has been designed and sculpted by the hands of an artist. We discovered that a pivot door is really a large canvas just asking for a focal point. Something special. Something rare. Something that will give your modern pivot door a unique identity. By using our hand sculpted hardware on our exclusive pivoting doors, you will create an entrance that will eclipse regular doors.
modern steel front door procession process and sanding
modern steel front door assembly and construction
modern metal door cutting production process