Modern Steel Doors does one thing.

We make epic front doors.

To build the ultimate statement door we emphasize three aspects of your front door.

  1. The door pull is the meeting point between sight and touch. Our large door pulls are individually made for each custom glass front door. Some clients choose to enhance their custom glass pivot doors with our hand-sculpted door handles to truly create the perfect focal point. The hand-sculpted textures and shapes create a unique tactile experience.

  2. Our ultra-thin door frame makes vast glass panes possible, creating unobstructed views and immense amounts of natural light. This proprietary feature improves the interaction between indoors and outdoors.

  3. Glass sidelights are a great option to make your door more impressive. Visually associated as being part of the modern glass front door, they create the appearance of a larger entryway. A full glass exterior entry door with two sidelights is twice as big and consequently twice as grand. Additionally, our glass sidelights allow more natural light into the home and allow for greater views of the outdoors.

The front door is both the beginning and the end, the first and last impression, and the instant of transition.

It is the space where family and friends are greeted and wished farewell should be memorable and distinctive. This presents the opportunity for richer interactions with our guests and our home. Our modern glass door designs create a perfectly choreographed experience for your entryway. We find that guests are very interested in how the glass pivot door works and the homeowner’s journey of selecting and designing it.

While the sheer size of a custom glass pivot door is an impressive sight, it is just the drum roll. When your Modern Steel Door pivots open, the entryway takes on a new presentation. Two factors that make the opening and closing movement of your glass entryway door include dual movement and inactive space.

  1. Dual Movement: The opposing, yet simultaneous, movements that occur when opening a glass pivot door make its operation both dramatic and elegant.  While a conventionally hinged door can only swing in one direction, a pivot door swings to the exterior and interior simultaneously.

  2. Inactive Space: A conventionally hinged door only utilizes an active space, while a pivot door creates additional inactive space. The active and inactive space of a glass pivot door is created and separated by the placement of the hinge. The most attractive presentation of a modern glass exterior door is partially opened to show off the balance between the two spaces.



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