glass and steel modern entry door with door length polished custom door hardware

Edge Single Door with Door Length Pulls

The Edge Door Design is both raw and unique. In its more basic form, it is simply comprised of two different materials stacked on top of each other. Glass and metal or metal and wood. However, the visual effect is long-lasting. This Edge single front door makes neighbors and drivers stop and take pictures. To elevate the overall door design, consider using a pair of our Hand-Sculpted Door Pulls. Adding this element will deepen the visual aesthetic. Powder Coated finishes are synthetic and very monochromatic. Secondly, glass is very visually consistent. The Hand-Sculpted Pulls will add variations or a sense of “Organicness.” This will assist in balancing all the elements of a very concise space.

This is a very special door design. Only a few are sold annually. One thing is consistent, the Edge door design is captivating. Innovative Modern Steel Doors engineering allows for “Edge to Edge” glass to create this distinctive design while not compromising the weatherization of the door. It is a common event to view Modern Steel Doors employees stop and admire these doors as they travel through our production facility. All doors are fabricated in Tucson, AZ. 

The Horizontal nature of the shorter Edge doors can complement homes with an east and west orientation or taller Edge doors will feel right at home with houses built with a north and south presence. Edge single front doors can be easily made up to twelve feet. A twelve-foot-tall door would certainly be impressive and certainly distinctive.

In the above example, the metal front door with glass is simple and effective. It defines the entryway. It embodies both modernism and minimalism. "The basic design is inspired by piano keys." JCruz (front door designer) This fun fact is a great riddle for guests to guess how the design came to fruition.  When you want to make a great first impression, consider the Edge Door Design. Your neighbors will, without a doubt, have entry-door envy.

Rough Pricing for the 5' Edge Single Pivot Door with Hand Sculpted Door Length Pulls
$20,620 - $23,790 door as shown
$12,020/up Non-Pivot 42" x 96" door
$10,250/up Non-Pivot 36" x 96" door

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