Shop Modern Steels Door Designs

Our collection of modern main door designs has been skillfully crafted to transform your home's entryway. Each main entrance's modern door design is fashioned by a specialist with the elements of style, statement, and composition in mind. Every Modern Steel Door design is highly customizable in proportion, material, and hardware.

Our four fundamental modern door designs each offer a unique combination of glass, metal, and wood materials. The Edge Door design is made of horizontally alternating glass and metal panels. This modern main door design for the home is simplistic yet crude, demanding attention and providing an aesthetic balance of glass and metal. Our modern glass door design consists of a thin door frame filled with large glass panels. This minimalist front door design provides high visibility for maximum views. Our custom metal door designs are made completely out of metal. Our formulated metal finishing technique makes each final product subtly unique and adds dimension to the door. Our modern wooden front door designs combine metal, glass, and wood materials.


 Wood introduces a warm and organic touch to the entrance of a home.

The details on each of our modern main entrance door designs are highly customizable and come together to make the ultimate statement door for your home. Perhaps the most influential detail is the door hardware, the focal point of your front door. While round door pulls in a matching finish are included with every front door, hand-sculpted custom door hardware is available. Likewise, a mechanical matching lock is included with each modern door design but may be upgraded to a smart lock. Other customizations include a choice of finish, glass, hinge type, and threshold. Adding one or two sidelights can create the appearance of a larger front door and grander statement. Each detail, carefully considered, works together to achieve the ultimate Modern Steel Door design.

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