Sculpted Hardware

Our vertical door pulls serve as the focal point of our front doors. Selecting front door hardware is an important design choice that poses an opportunity for creativity. Visually appealing and tactilely distinct, our long sculpted vertical door handles can transform the interior and exterior of your home.


Square Serrated

Our Square Serrated Door pull is one of our most popular.  The surface, of this handmade door handle, is composed of countless straight lines. This simplest of building blocks were used to create the sculpted texture. The net result is a timeless design that will adorn any and every door it is attached to.  Each line is unique in its depth, alignment, position and finish. Four corners serve as a demarcation line for each of the four planes. Each corner is itself a unique line. The variables create a one of a kind "fingerprint" that is unique to each door handle. These vertical door pulls are made to order and available up to 144" long. See how to order.


Square Crater

The Crater Pulls, made of solid metal, are carefully sculpted with a hammer and chisel to create a tactile experience. None two pulls are alike.  Each interaction further tailors the surface to show where hands have left their marks. The patina finish changes over time and with use. The result is a vertical door pull that becomes a statement piece and conveys passion. Our hand-sculpted door handles are created with the intention of creating an experience each time that they are touched. These breathtaking door handles are made to order and available up 144" in length.  See how to order.


Round Antler

The inspiration for the Hand-Sculpted Antler Door Pulls was discovered on a hike in the majestic Catalina Mountains of Arizona. See the video. A "shed" deer antler was next to the trail. After a little research, JCruz(the MSD designer), found that antlers are shed annually in preparation for a fresh new set. The texture was most interesting and inspired the sculpted surface of these custom door handles. Each vertical door pull is made to order and available up to 12 feet long. See how to order.


Round Crater

Inspiration is a funny thing.  Oftentimes, subject matters influence great visionaries to create something totally unrelated to the original inspiring piece. Thousands of impact craters are the basic elements of this custom door pull design. Each crater is meticulously sculpted with a hammer & chisel. No two sections of the surface are identical. The varying diameters, depths, and adjacent interactions with other craters make each piece individually unique. After the sculpting process, each vertical door pull is detailed and then finished by hand. Each vertical door pull is made to order and available in lengths of up to 144". See how to order.