Wood, Steel, & Glass Doors

Wood, Steel & Glass create a winning combination. Each of these materials makes a unique contribution to the front door composition.

Let's see why the combination of Wood, Steel & Glass creates such a breathtaking home entrance.

Wood is organic; it is a living material. We resonate with wood because we are also living. Just like us, no two pieces of wood are alike. Wood's variations in color, grain, and texture create beauty and a perfect contrast with steel and glass. What is genuine hardwood? Our definition of hardwood means that the wood face that is visible is the same wood throughout. We never use deceiving wood laminates, only through and through real hardwoods. Modern Steel Doors uses eco-friendly protective coatings to accentuate the inherent beauty of your steel wooden door.

Steel is synthetic and provides the structure needed for longevity. Our steel doors are most often powder-coated a version of black because of black's universal match ability. Black steel also provides the best contrast with all wood species. Black powder coating is available hammered, matte, semigloss, and subtle metallic. Steel ensures that your steel wooden door will not bow, twist, or warp. These are common problems associated with exterior wood doors.

Glass provides intangible elements such as light, views, and space. Why is glass the essential material? Glass is the only material that provides what is on the other side. 

The design is the key to your successful glass, steel and wood door. The theme, proportion, scale, material dominance vs. recessiveness are all considered in the design. Small changes have significant consequences. Modern Steel Doors does one thing. We make epic front doors.

  • Metal Doors with wood panels
    The strategic use of wood makes the wood more prominent than steel and glass.
  • Wood Doors with a supporting steel door frame
    All wood construction is made possible by the structural steel door frame.

In addition to our own hardwoods, Modern Steel Doors provides an option for clients to have the wood already used in their homes to match that of their front door. Learn more about your wood options here.

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