Eclectic Front Door Design Uses Glass, Metal & Real Hardwood.

The Eclectic Entry Door Design from Modern Steel Doors emphasizes straight lines, ninety-degree angles and strategically placed three-foot half-circular door pulls.  These half-circular door pulls are in contrast to the linear architecture that dominates today's single-family home landscape. This door is not for those who travel in the slow lane.  It is edgy, it’s bold and its contrasting nature will draw visitor’s eyes inward and towards the door.

There are two prominent features of the Eclectic Door Design, they are the three-foot half-circular door pulls and the door panels. The door pulls are made from over ninety-eight percent recycled American steel and are powder coated with the same finish as the door panel.  There are three panels and an opportunity to present two or three different materials.  

Most of the time, when previous clients have specified glass for all three sections, they have selected three different glass options.  Modern Steel Door is proud to offer Clear Performance Low E Glass, tinted glass(Bronze and Silver), Reflective Glass(Silver and Bronze), Single Frosted, Double Frosted, and textured glass’.

When mixing different materials with glass, almost always, is the large panel specified to be the glass portion.  The most popular selection for this section is the Clear Performance Low E. In this setting, the Eclectic Door Designs’ two smaller panels are chosen to highlight the secondary finish.  Modern Steel Doors can easily supply wood as the accent pieces. We offer Teak, Washed Teak, Walnut, Mahogany, and Walnut.

Modern Steel Doors offers wood in a condition, unlike others.  We use solid hardwood. We do not use laminated wood. The wood on our doors is finished on all six sides. The result is a door that requires no additional work, preparation or finishing.  Our intent is to provide a door that would be enjoyed. It’s a prehung door assembly. Once the door is delivered, uncrate and install.  The state of door enjoyment is only a few hours away. See client home videos, comments & pictures.

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