Our metal doors accentuate the natural beauty of metal.

Organic and sophisticated, your entryway will be unlike any other with our distinctive metal finishes.

Within metal lies dormant beauty. It has taken over three decades to discover how to unlock the dormant beauty of metal. Our massive metal doors showcase the true beauty of metal. We have discovered two secrets that, when exposed, transform metal.

  1. Metal is an alloy. It is made of two or more elements. The interaction of the elements must be uncovered for transformation to occur. Our proprietary finishing techniques have been formulated to highlight the elements within the metal. Each element uniquely reacts to our finishing technique. The result is a choreographed exhibition of the elemental interaction of metal.

  2. The manufacturing process, of metal, has a story. For example, some metals are rolled hot and some are rolled cold. Some metals are porous and some metals are not porous. Our deep understanding, of how metal is made, enables us to showcase the metal’s dormant attributes.

Raw Steel
Our Raw Steel Finish is marked by an unfinished industrial metal appearance. Bluish-gray in color, the surface of the material is composed of mill scale with varying heat signatures. Each sheet of the Raw Steel Finish is different due to the variability of the manufacturing process. Sealed with a protective clear coat, the Raw Steel Finish adds dimension and emphasizes the raw beauty of metal.

Dark Gray Tarnished Metal
The Dark Gray Tarnished Metal Finish carries vertical rainwater stains that add depth and movement to the cladding. A unique quality of this finish is its ever-changing appearance in the presence of different shades and intensities of light. The Dark Gray Tarnished Metal Finish creates an eye-catching effect and showcases different variations of the same beauty.

Powder Coated Finishes
The customizability of our Powder Coated Finishes makes for compatibility with every entryway. Finding the perfect shade is easy, as we offer hundreds of colors and can even match colors to almost any finish.

Powder coating is very durable. Modern Steel Doors improves the longevity of powder coating by thoroughly sandblasting the custom metal front door surface. This additional step removes impurities and creates an optimal surface for adhesion. Next, the residential metal door surface is coated with a zinc-rich epoxy primer and baked at 425 degrees. The zinc-rich epoxy primer provides your custom metal front door with an additional layer of protection. Finally, the visible power coating is thoroughly and evenly applied. A final bake of the custom front door fuses all layers applied together to create a long-lasting, brilliant finish.

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