Edge Single Door with Round Polished Faceted Door Length Pulls & Transom

The Edge Door Design has remained one of our most requested door designs over the last ten years.  However, the door design requires special designing and is very laborious. Simply put, the door is very expensive and only a few are sold annually.  When factory tours are being conducted, it is not uncommon for parties to pause at an Edge Door that is being fabricated and stand in admiration. Very rarely do all participants in a conversation provide the same exact feedback of any given design.  But, the Edge Door Design is that rare case. Everyone loves it. In regards to a sexy door, it checks all the boxes. If you are looking for a statement and conversation piece, do your home a favor, look no more.

In the above example, a five-foot-wide by eight-foot-tall Edge Pivot Door Design is featured along with a five-foot-wide and two-foot-tall Full View Transom. Modern Steel Doors can comfortably fabricate doors up to seven-foot wide and twelve feet tall. However, wooden doors become problematic when built wider than four feet and taller than eight feet.  As a matter of fact, some wood door builders will not warranty doors wider than four feet and taller than eight feet. Wood requires maintenance and beyond the normal parameters, will become unstable and more than likely will warp.

So why use a transom with a steel product? The answer is simple and one word, clearance. At times, a light feature or a roofline may prove to be an obstruction to a very tall door. When this is the case, a transom is a viable solution. First, it maintains the height of the entry. As it is said very often, with entry doors, the taller the better. Second, the transom will allow for the clearance necessary to maintain structural elements with a tall entryway.

Rough Pricing for the 5' Edge Single Pivot Door with Hand Sculpted Door Length Pulls
$23,400 - $26,570 as shown
$18,090 - $23,790 door only
$12,020/up Non-Pivot 42" x 96" door
$10,250/up Non-Pivot 36" x 96" door

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