Crosshatch Glass, Wood, & Metal Door Design

The Crosshatch Door Design was a concept that was born and evolved within the walls of Modern Steel Doors.  There is not another company nor material in the world that can offer this design. It’s an unbalanced door design that provides depth and opportunity for the use of mixing various materials.  The nonsymmetrical appearance provides a bold and independent presence. Large door pulls anchor this door design and are as big as the personality of the door. The door panel and jamb are finished with the powder coating of your choice.  In most cases, the large glass panel is transparent and the three smaller panels are of contrasting finishes and/or materials such as real hardwood.

When compared to other door designs, the Crosshatch is a highly customizable door design.  The smaller panels can be, but not limited to, complimentary wooden pieces, an opportunity to showcase unique metal patinas, leather or stone.  This is a door for the creative. The nature of this door is to invite the daring to showcase their talents. This door is best when the selections are bold, organic and a contrast to the larger panel.

The most popular large panel selection is the Clear Performance Low E Glass option.  This specification provides visibility, both in the direction of the exterior and interior and allows natural light to enter the home.  Utilize the natural light to highlight sculptures, water features, pieces of art, staircases and provide a warm feeling to the entryway.  However, Clear Performance Low E Glass is not the only selection. Tinted glass(Bronze and Silver), Reflective Glass(Silver and Bronze), and textured glass are also available.  If privacy is of the utmost importance, please consider specifying the single or double frosted options.

As always, the team at Modern Steel Doors is always available and willing to assist.  Feel free to contact us to brainstorm and explore possibilities. We are more than willing to discuss previous projects as well as examine new ideas.  We’ll work hand in hand to design and fabricate the perfect door for you, your home and your family. See client home videos, comments & pictures.

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modern front double doors made of washed teak wood and glass with matching custom door hardware
modern single door design made of teak hardwood and frosted glass with custom door handles and sidelight
residential contemporary exterior door made of glass and metal with handmade door hardware and sidelights
crosshatch design single pivot door made of clear and frosted glass with matching silver hardware on stone home
genuine white oak wood and glass front door design with sidelights and unique custom door pulls

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