Sculpted Polished Hardware

Door pulls are a critical design feature. Memorable textures and custom lengths make the door pull an experiential feature. A polished finish creates an illuminating glow and draws the eye to the front door.


Polished Serrated Square

The Serrated Door Pulls are our most popular square door pull.  Each groove is meticulously sculpted with a hammer and chisel. The Serrated surface is made up of thousands of grooves. No two grooves are identical and no two pulls are alike. These custom door pulls measure 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" square and are available up to 12' long. Each square door pull is made to order and then hand detailed and polished. Just imagine what these hand-sculpted door pulls will do for your entrance door. See how to order.


Polished Crater Square

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, then we tilt our hats to the moon.  The hand-sculpted Crater door pulls were inspired by the lunar surface. See the video. The full moon reveals a beautiful topography that was violently created over the last 4.53 billion years. Likewise, each crater is made by the impact of a hammer and chisel.  The skilled hands of a craftsman assiduously create a beautiful surface that is then detailed and polished. Your front door is the stage for functional pieces of art. See how to order. These square door pulls measure 1 1/4"  to 1 1/2" square and are available up to 12' long.


Polished Antler Round

Deers are majestic animals and their antlers are an iconic feature. Antlers are a crown that represents the deer's longevity. The beauty and significance of deer antlers was the inspiration of these custom door pulls. See the video. The texture of the pulls are meticulously sculpted with a hammer and chisel. This sculpted surface is then detailed and polished by hand. See how to order. The diameter of these round door pulls measures 1 1/4" to 1 1/2". Each pull is made to order and available up to 12' long.


Polished Crater Round

A celestial muse was the inspiration for the Crater door pulls. The lunar landscape has been created by celestial forces over billions of years. The moon, at 238,900 miles away, adorns the night and provides waves to surf. The Crater door pulls are a tribute to the moon. See the video. Create an unforgettable experience at your door with these handcrafted door pulls. The round shape feels natural in the hand.  See how to order. Each round door pull is made to your specified length up to 12' long. The diameter is 1 1/4" or 1 1/2".

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