Edge Double Door Square with Serrated Polished Door Length Pulls

If you are seeking a show-stopping front door, there is no need to look any further. You will hit a home run with the Edge glass paneled exterior double doors. In the above double pivot door scenario, take all the positives of the Edge Door Design and multiply that by two. It’s large, expensive, and unique. As a matter of fact, only a handful of these double-pivot door systems exist in the world.

The door pulls in the door system above are the Polished Serrated Door Height Pulls. Unlike other custom pulls (primarily made by using molds), each of our pulls are hand-sculpted by one of our talented metal artisans. The techniques are those of yesteryear and their visual appeal is timeless.  

This particular pull design greatly complements these glass panel double doors. Our Polished Serrated Pulls are vertical in nature, however, each crease is horizontal. This detail supports the horizontal nature of the Edge glass paneled exterior door’s design. The cohesion between these two products creates a synergistic effect that is unparalleled when compared to other products. 

The total width of this exterior double-door system is ten feet. When both doors are open, nearly eight feet of width can be left open while having large parties, moving large pieces of furniture, or even a show car or motorcycle. The pivot on each door is set at one foot. This promotes the sexiness of a pivot door. As part of the door moves toward the interior of the home, the remainder of the door panel moves to the exterior of the home. There is no substitute for the excitement this door creates.  

"The sophisticated design of this glass panel double door is not an accident nor is it coincidental" - JCruz (front door designer). There is a science and careful eye behind it. Please feel free to forward the construction elevations or photos of the home to the experts at Modern Steel Doors. Will be able to provide professional advice or challenge the current mindset. We will not overlook any detail. Explore all our Edge Door configurations.

Rough Pricing for the 5' Edge Double Pivot Door with Hand Sculpted Door Length Pulls
$55,660 - $59,140 double door as shown
$22,690 - $26,160 single door as shown
$13,220/up Non-Pivot 42" x 96" door
$11,270/up Non-Pivot 36" x 96" door

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