Metal Door Gallery

Steel door designs are a hallmark of modern design. Take a look at this photo gallery of stunning client homes transformed and elevated by statement front doors.

metal front door with large glass sidelites
metal front door with segmented sidelite
metal front door with small glass sidelites
Metal Pivoting Front Door by Modern Steel Doors
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Doors that reveal the dormant beauty of metal.

Metal is yang, providing structural strength and resilience.

Metal holds a strong and distinct character. While metal is a synthetic material, it contains a dormant beauty that our door designs seek to reveal. Metal is yang, providing structural strength and resilience. Our steel door designs, as featured in the client photo gallery above, combine our proprietary finishing techniques to create the ultimate statement front door.

The interior and exterior experiences of the home are mostly independent of each other in all-metal front door construction. The privacy created by metal doors is unmatched and the intimacy within the home is heightened. However, natural light and visibility are still achievable in an all-metal construction through the use of door lites and sidelights. Door lites introduce a small vertical section of glass within the door while one or two sidelights can exist on either side of the door. 

What is most impressive about our doors is their functional and aesthetic composition. At a distance and up close, our industrial-style front doors look premium and elegant, making a bold statement. Moreover, many proprietary features exclusive to and developed by Modern Steel Doors make our front doors functionally superior. Some of these features include our sound-dampening sealing technology, easy installation, and door components manufactured in-house. Most importantly, our doors arrive as one comprehensive unit, ready to install. This phenomenon is not available anywhere else.


Metal is an essential component of every door. However, when playing the lead role, metal has the ability to make a statement like none other. Our thoughtfully inspired industrial-style front doors add an organic and sophisticated touch to your home. See our exclusive metal options below. Just click on the "Finish" and "Cladding" tabs below.