Wood +Steel + Glass =

An Epic Front Door

The warmth of wood is created by the organic nature of its grain, color, and texture. Steel is modern and minimalistic. Glass merges the home’s interior and exterior. Natural light radiates into your home through the door glass. The combination of wood, metal and glass results in a front door that is warm, modern, and lets in light. Modern Steel Doors has a design that will suit your home. We use the three elements of wood, metal, and light to create your epic front door.

Wood creates warmth through its organic grain, color, and texture. Steel adds a sleek, modern, and minimalistic touch. Glass brings together interior and exterior spaces. Combining these materials — wood, steel, glass — create a welcoming, modern, and airy entryway to your home. These materials can be combined and integrated into various ways to create your epic wood and glass front door.

Our hardwoods will never delaminate because they are not laminated.
Only solid hardwood is used on our modern wood front doors.

Mahogany (African) is gold-auburn in color. Mahogany grain is mostly straight and uniform.
White Oak is beige with some dark brown and auburn grain accents. White Oak grain is flowing and contains micro knots.
Walnut has a combination of dark brown, red and yellow colors. Walnut grain is varied and swirling with some burling.
Teak (Afromosia) contains browns, reds, and yellows. The grain of Teak has flowing ribbons with some mottling.
Washed Teak (Afromosia) is beige and tan with auburn undertones that accentuate the grain. The grain of Washed Teak has flowing ribbons with some mottling.
Sculpted Metal Hardware (optional) creates a unique contrast between the wood and the sculpted metal.

Exclusive Features Included with Your Modern Wooden Front Door

  • Heavy metal door frame that prevents door warping, bowing or twisting.
  • The finished wood door arrives ready to install and enjoy.
  • Proprietary pivot hinges allow for extra tall and extra wide door sizes.
  • Genuine Baldwin locks are used and may be upgraded with smart technology.

Wood Door Construction Options
Our modern wood front doors with glass are available in the following two distinct methods of construction. Each method offers a unique combination of wood, metal, and glass.

  • Metal Doors with wood panels
    The strategic use of wood makes the wood more prominent than steel and glass.
  • Modern Wood Front Doors with a supporting steel door frame
    All wood construction is made possible by the structural steel door frame.

In addition to our own hardwoods, Modern Steel Doors provides an option for clients to have the wood already used in their homes to match that of their front door. Learn more about your wood options here.

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