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Remodels are some of the best projects. The main entryway is one of the most critical and transformative areas of the home.


Create an entry that makes a statement & turns heads.

Maintaining familiarity is the magic of remodeling.

Remodeling is a benefit of experience. This is in contrast to starting from scratch with new construction. Remodeling allows the homeowners to "fine-tune" the home to their needs. This can only be done after living in a home.

We love front door remodels because, together with the client, we get to create a more impactful and memorable space than originally imaginable. Remodeling is a tangible method of creating our ideal home and challenging the current environment. Our objective is to help the client make a statement within their current context.

Each door is made to your exact specifications and will conform to your requirements. This high-level of customization, on our end, requires minimal effort on behalf of the client outside of simply designing their new front door. Our large collection of designs, materials, and finishes provide a multitude of options to create the perfect front door for any home.

Another option for elevating your current entryway is through our hand-sculpted door hardware. This simple upgrade has the ability to transform any entryway. Our statement hardware involves a tactile experience where the user reaches out and physically interacts with the door. The door pull serves as a major focal point and should not be overlooked. Introduce a touch of warmth with a wood pull or add an eye-catching glimmer with a polished pull. All of our hardware is custom made and crafted by hand. See all hand-sculpted hardware here

Remodeling involves elevating the familiar and challenging the current space. Together, creating an entryway that makes a statement and turns heads. Improving a space while maintaining familiarity is the magic of remodeling. Call us or fill out the contact form on the top right to explore your options.



Transformations, from simple to monumental.

Your home can become better than ever.


A new front door is simple & transformative.

Most front door installations are completed in 1-2 days.

Having an opportunity to assist a potential client with a remodel is a subject that we do not take lightly.  Many of us have purchased existing homes and seldom have any influence to select some of the components.  The entry door is a special place - it is not a heater nor framing materials.  Additionally, if it was an item we liked, we wouldn't be discussing replacing the entry door.  Therefore, the new door must, undeniably, satisfy all of the home's and family's requirements.
For example, please view the image on the left.  The original door was short, solid, and frankly, not very exciting.  It never was a conversational piece nor did it allow anything or anyone, on either side of the door, to be seen.  The homeowners were never able to view through the door and see the remarkable fountain, lush green lawn, or the forest on their property.  In its most basic form, it was just a functional barrier.
The new door adds a little "Attitude" to the home.  However, this is definitely not a case where the "Tail wags the dog."  It is sophistically and tastefully done.  The new door radiates a feeling that the space is special and should be treated as well.  The clients are now able to view the natural beauty of their property and visitors are able to view through the home and see the living spaces along with the back yard.  More importantly, clients and visitors can now view each other's excitement as they greet each other.
 If you like to discuss some new entry door options, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Feel free to provide as much information as you like.  Specifications like glass or no glass, natural colors or powder coats, smart locks or simple locks and vertical or horizontal orientation - it all helps.  We are here to assist in any way possible.  Let our team help your entry door dreams come to reality.
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