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Glass and metal front doors are balanced and minimalistic. Combining opposing materials creatively utilizes positive and negative space.

paragon front door
wave front door & sidelites
paragon front door house
wood front door with lite
edge front door
wood pivot door with lite
wood store front pivot door
The Edge Pivot Door
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Challenging the norm...

Embrace straight lines or introduce curvature.

Glass and metal are a timeless pair. When creatively combined, an unforgettable front door experience is made. In many of our door designs, glass is framed and suspended by metal. While metal provides structural strength, glass adds airy elegance. When both glass and metal play a dominant role, more complex and interesting designs are possible.

The inspiration for many of our glass and steel pivot doors is unique. Some of our most breathtaking, creative, and memorable designs include the Wave Door and the Edge Door designs. The Wave Door introduces curvature into modern architecture which is typically dominated by straight lines, while the Edge Door stacks matter and space in perfect balance. Glass and metal hold different qualities and complement each other in every door design.

Any work of art needs a focal point. That of the front door is where the user physically interacts with the door: the door pull. Each of our door pulls is sculpted and then finished by hand. Our polished pulls, for instance, create an eye-catching glimmer while our twisted pulls create contained movement. Moreover, our wood pulls add a touch of warmth and diversity to our glass and metal designs. Learn more about our custom door pulls here.

Thoughtful design and challenging the norm results in unforgettable front doors. The front door represents the point of transition between public and private, work, and home. Ensure that your front door rises to the occasion with our elegant door designs, superior functionality, and hand-sculpted hardware. See our unique glass and steel pivot door options below. Just click on the "Glass" and "Metal" tabs below.