The Wave Door

Daring and creative, smooth curvature breaks the conventions of modern design.


This door definitely makes an impression.  The Wave Door Design is a Modern Steel Doors exclusive.  While most modern homes emphasize straight lines and right angles, the pronounced curves of the Wave Glass Entry Door are the perfect complimentary piece.  The conventional design theory is that it is best to be of the same or completely different.  One must be brave to be different.  When executed properly, today’s modern home architecture and the Wave Door Design can leave a lasting impression.  Click the video link to see how the design was created by our front door designer JCruz.

This Pivot Front Entry Door is no ordinary door.  Select from standard Modern Steel Doors materials to combine two, three or even four different finishes.  On the Wave Door Design, there are two distinctive panels.  There is an upper panel and there is a lower panel.  Most clients select glass for the upper panel. Standard offerings include Clear Low E, Frosted, Tinted (Silver or Bronze), or Reflective (Silver or Bronze).  More specifically, previous clients have, more often than not, selected glass with some level of transparency for the upper panels.

Now, the bottom panel, is where the fun takes place.  Normally, pieces appear to be designed correctly when they are bottom-heavy.  Therefore, for the Wave Doors Design, Modern Steel Doors offers an array of exciting options.  Select from double frosted glass, beautifully patina metal pieces, or carefully wooden species.  To elevate the design to another level, be bold enough to supply and install your own custom panels.  Introduce new materials or coordinate with existing ones.

The Wave Glass Entry Door is furnished with custom door handles like no other.  JCruz, Modern Steel Door's front door designer, has designed a custom door pull for the Wave Door Design.  These pulls are stepped utilizing five layers of steel.  The centerpiece is the widest and tallest and there are two additional layers to the front and back of the pull.  To create further interest, specify the outermost layer as a brushed stainless steel piece. This may add the necessary detail and excitement needed to define the entryway.  In either case, please feel free to contact the experts at Modern Steel Doors to explore are the details of the Wave Door Design - we are here to help.

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