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Wood and metal front doors combine modern sleekness with organic warmth. Explore clients’ vibrant wooden pivot doors below.

Glass Pivot Door with Sidelight
Glass & Metal Pivoting Front Door by Modern Steel Doors
Glass Pivot Door
Glass Pivoting Door
Stainless Pulls Front Door
glass pivot gate
glass pivot gates exterior
glass pivot gates exterior
glass pivot gates exterior
glass pivot gates exterior
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Wood + Metal + Glass = Breathtaking

Let's talk about how these materials work together.

Wood, metal, and glass on their own are versatile and elegant. However, creatively bringing these materials together elevates their respective capabilities. Each material creates a different unique effect. While wood creates warmth, metal offers sleek structure. Glass allows for a dialogue between the spaces on either side of the door. When all brought together, these materials create an unforgettable entryway experience.

Wood creates organic beauty through its texture, grain, and detail. Unlike glass and metal, wood is living and brings a similar aspect to the pivot front door. No two planks of wood are identical and each holds its own story. Different wood species carry their own unique personalities and have the ability to make different impressions. Some of the woods that we offer include mahogany, white oak, walnut, and teak. See our wood options below. Just click on the "Wood" tab below. We only use genuine hardwoods and never laminate. 

Metal offers a sleek and sophisticated beauty. In either a dominant or supporting role, the structural strength of metal is especially essential to large front doors. Introduce detail and dimension with our metal cladding. Modern Steel Doors’ cladding brings out the dormant beauty of metal through transforming a uniform material into a work of art. See our metal options below. Just click on the "Finish" and "Cladding" tabs below.

Glass merges the home’s interior and exterior. Unlike any other architectural material, the material itself is not the object of interest. Glass capitalizes on the transitional nature of the front door. Beyond introducing natural light and openness, glass allows the viewer to experience what lies beyond the front door. Alternative ways to incorporate glass into your wooden pivot front door are through a lite or sidelight. See our glass options below. Just click on the "Glass" tab below.

Creatively combining these materials makes for an impressive and outstanding entryway. Upon uniting, these materials take on an even more dramatic effect. Wood, metal, and glass doors foster certain creativity and transform any entryway. See all of our wood, metal, and glass below.

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