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Our collection of contemporary door hardware was made to decorate exquisite homes and stunning entryways. Designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, we have created modern door handles for statement homes. Door handles are critical points of sight and touch that have unfortunately been overlooked by most homeowners and designers. This is unfortunate because first impressions are invaluable and they begin at the front door.

Made from quality hardwood and steel materials, our contemporary door hardware is capable of creating many unique effects in the home. Available in a variety of metal finishes and wood species, there is the perfect look for any home design. Create a posh and luxurious atmosphere with a polished door handle or a warm and subdued ambiance with a wood door handle. Every door handle design is available in any desired length and can be affixed to any door type. Our six essential modern door handles are featured below. See our entire collection of over 30 door handles here. Sculpted and finished to perfection, these statement door pulls capitalize on detail and set home entryways a step above the rest.

A variety of textures and finishes give homeowners complete freedom to select an ideal door handle that compliments their home and suits their tastes. Moreover, availability in any desired length is very valuable when it comes to capturing a particular appearance. Long door handles that extend the full length of the space create the illusion of additional height and a grander impression. On the other hand, short door handles are concise and focus on functionality.

Similarly, finishes are also a powerful tool when it comes to crafting an atmosphere. Black door handles are minimalistic and successful on any entryway. Wood door handles create a warm, organic, and invitational tone. Polished and blackened door handles create complex and intriguing compositions. Strategically combining different design elements and incorporating them with the rest of the home is essential. Request samples or discuss your project with one of our design specialists to find your perfect statement door handles here.