Sculpted Palm & Sculpted Faceted

Front door hardware is a transformative detail of the entryway. Sturdy and assertive, our handmade door hardware is a statement piece and a focal point for many front doors. Explore our sculpted round door pulls below.


Polished Round Palm

It’s summertime and good vibes abound. This handmade door handle was inspired by the bark of a palm tree. Well, palm trees don't actually have bark. The trunk surface is created by the hardened base of previously cut leaves. Each ridge is fastidiously sculpted into the metal to create a wonderful surface. See the video. After the sculpting has been completed, the surface is detailed and polished. The maximum length is 12 feet.  See how to order.


Palm Round

The palm tree has been endowed with diverse symbolic meaning since Ancient Mesopotamia. For others, the palm tree symbolizes a centering vacation, you know, that island feeling. Palm trees must have something special that resonates with humans. The hand-sculpted Palm door handle was inspired by the surface of the palm tree trunk. See the video. The intention was to awaken the intangible element that the palm tree has allured us with. Each handmade door handle is made to order in the length of up to 12 feet long.  See how to order.


Polished Faceted Round

Each Facet is carefully sculpted with a hammer and chisel. The Faceted surface is made up of thousands of facets. No two facets are identical. Every facet is a product of intent and great force. The polished facets glimmer as one interacts with the door. Movement creates a show each time the door opens and closes. Black or bronze anodized aluminum doors create a dark background for these lustrous door pulls. Dark woods such as Walnut and Mahogany provide a striking contrast with the shiny door pull foreground. The length of each pull may be up to 12 feet.  See how to order.


Faceted Round

Our proprietary finishing process accentuates the concavity of each facet. The perimeter of each hand-sculpted facet is highlighted by hand - the old-fashioned way. This creates contrast within the sculpted surface itself. The faceted surface of this handmade door handle complements any door because the inherent contrast does not need to have an additional door contrast. Black doors will emphasize the sculpted highlights. Light-colored doors will spotlight the dark sculpted handle surfaces. These beautifully sculpted pulls are all made to order and available up to 12 feet long. See how to order.

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