Designed to make a statement

With over 25 years of experience as pivot door manufacturers, we have mastered the art of first impressions. Statement design and superior performance characterize our work. At every stage of production, careful craftsmanship and attention to detail are paid to every facet of the product.

We understand that extraordinary works require beyond ordinary effort. Our clients pour immense time, energy, and passion into creating their dream homes. We share the same endeavor to create the ultimate statement. 

Made In-House


As a leading pivot door manufacturer, a major advantage of our products is that they are made 100% in-house. Our doors and hardware are all designed, manufactured, and shipped right out of our factory in Tucson, AZ. Being hands-on at every stage of production allows for maximum control and customization. Furthermore, using our own door components designed specifically for our products creates a smooth operation and seamless look.


Our doors are built as one comprehensive unit that is ready to easily install upon arrival. This is uncommon, as most pivot doors require drilling into the floor for installation. Avoiding this invasive step is a major advantage, expediting the installation process and allowing homeowners to begin enjoying their door sooner. This is one of MSD's exclusive benefits, which has made us a leading pivot door manufacturer, giving us our largest competitive advantage. Moreover, sidelight additions are included within the frame of the door and require no third-party involvement.


Built to Last

Modern Steel Doors is a luxury pivot door manufacturer with designs that will be enjoyed by friends and family for decades. Structure, design, and longevity define our products and their function. A structural steel frame and heavy-duty hinges allow for a smooth pivoting operation. The anatomy of a pivot door transfers weight vertically, as opposed to horizontally as in the case of conventional hinges. This greatly reduces stress on the hinges which causes a sagging phenomenon present in most doors. Therefore, a Modern Steel Door will continue to look and operate just as well as when it arrived.


A major consideration in statement doors is their size. Impressively large or unusual dimensions play largely into an unforgettable look. Custom dimensions with little limitation are difficult to find, given that most companies are centered around high-volume production of a few standard sizes. However, nearly any dimensions are possible and are commonplace at Modern Steel Doors. Off-the-shelf products cannot achieve this.

Custom products often carry the reputation of being highly involved and time-consuming. Although our products are highly customizable, our team and factory are set up for production. From the design stage to the final steps, our team provides timely updates and projections for every project.

Some designs master simplicity, while others evoke creativity

Creative Design

Designer J. Cruz combines inspiration from the natural world and passion for innovation in his work. Some designs master simplicity, while others evoke creativity. Skillful composition of metal, wood, and glass materials transform matter into meaning. Combining a vision for the home and intentional design creates functional works of art. 

From the bold and inventive to the minimalistic and sophisticated, there is a door design suited for each. Some designs invite in bouts of natural light while others stand opaque and private. Moreover, wood designs can introduce a touch of organic warmth into highly modern settings.

Other designs are fun and creatively inspired. The Wave Door, for example, was made to resemble the rolling waves of the ocean. The asymmetry of this design adds an unexpected edge to highly modern homes, turning heads and sparking interest. Learn more about the inspiration for the Wave Door here.

large pivot front door made of real teak wood and glass with modern stainless steel door handles and sidelights

Statement Hardware

Door pulls are an overlooked, yet highly pivotal component of the front door. Serving as the focal point and initial point of physical interaction with the home, front door pulls are a critical consideration. Front door hardware is commonly plain, repetitive, and strictly functional. Given the importance of this detail, we have designed a brilliant collection of door pulls in a variety of different finishes, textures, and shapes.

Highly textured hardware is tactilely appealing while polished finishes are highly reflective and catch the eye. Moreover, wood-finished hardware adds the perfect amount of warmth to highly modern compositions. We understand that attention to detail separates the ordinary from the unforgettable.

We share a passion for integrity & possibility.

Company Culture

High standards and passion for excellence drive our work. Through creativity and collaboration, we make breathtaking front doors for our clients all around the world. We strive for win-win interactions with our clients, employees, and community at large. Fostering creativity, creating value, and having fun along the way brings us to work every day. Our passion for integrity and possibility make Modern Steel Doors more than just a front door company.