EDGE EXTERIOR METAL DOOR with Round Faceted Door Length Pulls

This exterior metal door with glass panels is our exclusive Edge design. The Edge entry door design is used to make your custom home entrance an unforgettable experience.  The team at Modern Steel Doors has listened and learned just how important the front door is to our clients. Our clients come to us, from all over the world, for one reason. They want an epic front door. With such high expectations, we have evolved every facet of our front doors. Our distinguished clients have asked for "big doors" and we have given them enormous entrance doors. Some of our custom home entry doors are over 200 square feet.  Other clients have asked for greater detail. They want something that can be appreciated up close and personal.

Our clients demand exclusivity. They don't want products that can be found at the local home improvement store. We have created an unparalleled line of door pulls. Each door pull is custom-made to the matching length and finish of each front door. Our modern door pull finishes range from powder-coated and brushed stainless steel to hand-polished sculpted surfaces. MSD offers our clients high-end details that are tailored to their custom homes and cannot be found anywhere else.

Modern Steel Doors are not for everyone. Sometimes a homeowner is looking for a front door that is just a little nicer than a common front door. Our intention at Modern Steel Doors is to hit it out of the ballpark. This type of passionate approach needs to align with the client in order to have a win-win outcome. Once again our clients have taught us what is important to them. Some of our clients have stated that they have cut corners to be in the position where they no longer have to cut any corners. So they don't hold back. They create something special that represents a lifetime of hard work. Modern Steel Doors helps our clients express themselves and make a statement.

Rough Pricing for the 5' Edge Single Pivot Door with Hand Sculpted Door Length Pulls
$24,020 - $26,450 door as shown
$14,110/up Non-Pivot 42" x 96" door
$12,080/up Non-Pivot 36" x 96" door

Looking for a more affordable door? Consider our Builder's Series Line—an economical alternative to any Modern Steel Doors design. Get a stunning door without breaking the budget. Please fill out the form below to learn more about the Builder's Series from our design specialists.

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