White Oak Crosshatch Double Door with Dough Cutter Pulls & Sidelites

Each of the Crosshatch double doors is five feet wide and eight feet tall.  This is the correct width to height ratio. Proper design is not coincidental nor an accident.  There is a science behind it. MSD will ensure that all options are explored and discussed to ensure the entry door aligns with your goals.  In the example, the sidelights are two feet wide. The total overall width of this breathtaking front door is fourteen feet wide. The pivoting action makes a functional and visual impact.  The active door is used primarily to enter and exit the home. The inactive door can be opened for a party or to move furniture in and out of the home. This configuration makes a statement and is also highly functional. 

The bottom section of the entire entry has a White Oak background. Designs as these seem to look better when they are bottom-heavy.  The White Oak grain is positioned horizontally and the upper panels of White Oak have the grain positioned vertically. This creates an interesting visual intersection and increases interest.  MSD will ensure that your door becomes more aesthetically pleasing the closer you get to it. See our selection of wood species to choose the wood background that best compliments your project. J Cruz (artist)

The Dough Cutter pulls have been custom fitted with round brushed stainless pull sections. The already unique Dough Cutter pulls have been elevated to another design level.  This combination of door design and pull details is like a custom piece of jewelry for your home. If you are really seeking something special, the Dough Cutter Pulls can also be fitted with any of our hand-sculpted door pulls as well.

To help preserve Mother Earth, all of the glass is clear has an energy-saving low e coating. This helps reduce our carbon footprint.  The large glass panels will let in a substantial amount of light. Clear glass combined with White Oak creates an open, light and airy feeling.

Pricing for the 5' White Oak Cross Hatch Double Pivot Door with Dough Cutter Pulls & Sidlites
$45,100 as shown
$35,700 value-based nearly as shown
$16,700 as shown door only
$13,900 value-based door only
$9,500 budget based 42" x 96" Non-Pivot Door only

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