Wood Options

"Two options ensure that your front door is a homerun."

Modern Steel Doors is best at providing options for every project, home, and personality. The type of wood and finishing process used greatly impacts the overall look of your oversized wooden door and how it interacts with your home. We offer two options when it comes to selecting the wood used on your front door. The first option involves using our high-quality wood species and finishing techniques provided in-house by Modern Steel Doors. However, some clients desire their front door to match the wood already used in their homes. The second option allows the client to choose their own wood species and have it finished by their own woodworker. The advantages and disadvantages of each option are explored in depth below. 

Our first option (Option A) is characterized by efficiency and flexibility. You choose your favorite hardwood from the Modern Steel Doors wood collection and we take care of rest. Our high-quality hardwoods complement many home interiors and exteriors. Modern Steel Doors offers Mahogany, White Oak, Walnut, Teak, and Washed Teak woods for our oversized wooden doors. The most important advantage of this option is that your project is immediately ready to jump into production. All operations are completed in-house and held to our high standards. We finish our hardwoods and require no specialized maintenance, equipment, or expertise. Most clients select this option out of ease, reliability, and efficiency. See our wood finishes.

Alternatively (Option B), some clients prefer to take a more specialized approach. Modern Steel Doors capacitates clients to match the wood already used in their homes to that used on their oversized wooden door. The process is simple. The client begins by specifying the desired wood species. After we obtain the client’s wood of choice, we mill and sand the wood to the Modern Steel Door’s unique dimensions and specifications. We then package and ship the wood to the client's woodworker of choice. The woodworker then finishes the wood to match that of your home. Finally, the woodworker packages and ships the finished wood back to Modern Steel Doors. This option requires oversight and inspection of the finished wood by the client. Disadvantages of this option include potential delays due to logistics, additional client oversight, and higher expense. However, this route provides the client with a door perfectly tailored to them and their home.

Option A:  Wood & Finishing by Modern Steel Doors (MSD)

  • MSD Species   See our wood finishes.
    • Mahogany
    • White Oak
    • Walnut
    • Teak
    • Washed Teak
  • Pros
    • Turnkey [turn-kee] ready to go into operation
    • Easy to maintain with no special equipment or expertise
    • The cost will be less than option B
  • Cons
    • May not match other woodwork
  • The process:
    • Choose your wood & MSD does the rest


Option B: Wood by Modern Steel Doors & Finishing by Others

  • The process:
    • Specify your wood species
    • MSD provisions
      • Specified wood species
      • Milling
      • Sanding to 150 grit
      • Pack, ship, insure (replacement) & pay for freight to send
    • Client's Woodworker provisions
      • Finish wood
        • Epoxy fill as needed
        • Finish all six sides, tongues & grooves
      • Pack, ship, insure & pay for freight to return
        • Return to:
          • Modern Steel Doors (1-800-406-1958)
          • 4005 S. Country Club Rd.
          • Tucson, AZ 85714
        • To insure, add the cost to finish another set if lost.
    • Client provisions
      • Oversight of the finishing & shipping of the wood
      • A thorough inspection of the finished wood prior to packaging
  • Pros
    • Matching wood
  • Con
    • Most wood finishes require professional maintenance
    • The cost will be greater than option A