Teak Wave Single Pivot Door with Brushed Stainless Accents & Sidelites

The Wave Single Front Door Design is very conducive to combining contrasting materials. Your door materials can be chosen to compliment your home’s entrance. Utilize other specified finishes like metal, glass, wood and whatever your imagination can design to create your very own distinctive combination.  Whether you coordinate or contrast with your home, your door will make an unforgettable and truly unique statement.

Here is a designer' guide to help choose the material for the lower part of the Wave Door Design
Wood adds visual warmth to the overall door design.
Glass will allow more light to enter your home and brighten the interior space. In the evening, the single door with glass panels will create a unique backlit design feature.
Metal reduces maintenance and is sophisticated and modern.

Sidelights can be added to the Wave Single Front Door configuration and serve as an extension of the door design. A single sidelight adds to the lower part of the wave design. Two sidelights, will double the Wave scene by adding to the lowest and highest parts of the Wave Design.  The two sidelite method is stunning and creates an absolute show-stopper of an entry door.

Rough Pricing for the 5’ Teak Wave Single Pivot Door with Brushed Stainless Pull Accents & Sidelites
$24,500 as shown
$18,700 value-based as shown
$15,300 as shown door only
$11,300 value-based door only
$7,600 budget based 42” x 96” Non-Pivot Door only