Teak Eclectic Double Door with Riveted Radial Pulls & Sidelites

The Eclectic door design is a fascinating combination of wood, metal, and glass. This particular double door and sidelights contain solid Teak hardwood. Keep in mind that MSD standard wood options can be specified or you can provide and install your own species.  The wood grain is horizontal in the bottom lower panels and vertical in the upper panels. Glass and steel are warmed up with the organic nature of the Teak wood. Contrasting wood grains create additional interest and focus on the Teak hardwood. The glass in both the sidelights and the doors is clear Performance low e glass. Our Riveted Radial Pulls strategically introduces a curve into the otherwise linear door design, thus, drawing the eye inward.

Pricing for the 5' Teak Eclectic Double Pivot Door with Riveted Radial Pulls & Sidelites
$43,400 as shown
$33,800 value-based nearly as shown
$15,900 as shown door only
$12,600 value-based door only
$8,600 budget based 42" x 96" Non-Pivot Door only

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