Walnut Front Door with Square Brushed Stainless Door Length Pulls & Sidelite

Solid Walnut hardwood planks are used for the background of this door. There are no two doors alike - complete individuality.  No veneer nor laminates are used. This is not a knockoff, it is the real deal - what you see is what you get. There is a great benefit to our methods and materials. First, our hardwood backgrounds can never delaminate. Secondly, the horizontal grain and plank arrangement adds a contemporary look and feel to the large pivot door.  Thus, resulting in a door you’ll be proud to greet friends and family.

Door pulls are custom made for each door.  They can span the entire height of the door or custom made to your specifications. Modern Steel Doors (MSD) can be as tall as sixteen feet, that’s twice the height of common wood front doors. This is like a unique pair of shoes for your home to go along with the perfect Saturday outfit.  An MSD front door is anything but common - just like you and your family. These particular door pulls are square and finished in brushed stainless steel. Many clients prefer the square shape over the conventional round-shaped door pulls. This helps maintain modern details by accentuating long and straight lines.

Add sidelight(s) to the front door composition to create a glass surround. Aesthetically speaking, the glass will create a blank canvas to highlight the piece of art that is your MSD Door.  For energy efficiency and transparency, Performance Low E Glass is our most popular glass to use in the sidelight(s). MSD has other glass options if you prefer Reflective, Frosted or Textured pieces.

To create visual interest, the door is finished in a bronze powder coating.  Powder-coated finishes are both attractive and very durable. Bronze and black, powder-coated finishes create a beautiful contrast with any of our hardwood backgrounds. This contrast is timeless and pleasing to view.  Black and bronze powder coatings also compliment the other window frames on your home, thus it is easy to coordinate these two products. Bronze and black finishes are tried and true finishes that work well in nearly any setting.  It’s a guaranteed hit.

In addition to our own hardwoods, Modern Steel Doors provides an option for clients to have the wood already used in their homes to match that of their front door. Learn more about your wood options here.

Rough Pricing for the 5’ Walnut Full View Single Pivot Door with Square Brushed Stainless Door Length Pulls & Sidelite
$14,700 as shown
$10,600 value-based nearly as shown
$12,200 as shown door only
$8,700 value-based door only
$6,200 budget based 42” x 96” Non-Pivot Door only

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