Hardware Pulls

Details are the building blocks of greatness

Our custom architectural door pull handles transform average into extraordinary with style and ease. Stunning shapes and finishes add a distinct personality to any entryway. Designed with passion and intention, our collection of high-end door hardware was built to elevate and enrich the home experience.

Extraordinary homes capitalize on every opportunity to pay respect to detail. Given the significant importance of the front door, its hardware has been critically overlooked. Front door pulls have always been repetitive, boring, and expected. Mass-produced in only a few different iterations, door hardware has been largely neglected.

We view the front door pull as the focal point. It is the point at which we reach out and meet the home. It is the first memory and interaction for friends, family, and guests that come to visit. Representing transition and invitation, front door handles should be significant.

modern entry door made of frosted detailed glass and steel with long door pulls on contemporary home

Appealing to the senses, unexpected textures delight the hand while unique finishes capture the eye. Our custom architectural door handles add length and dimension to the entryway. Door-length pulls make a grand impression and emphasize verticality. Short pulls, alternatively, break up space and draw the user to a more concentrated point of the entryway.

Designed and developed by artist J. Cruz, our collection of high-end door hardware was made to impress. Metal is cut, shaped, and finished to create functional works of art. Inspired by the modern and natural worlds, each architectural door handle features a unique design that is unlike any other.

Round pulls complement the anatomy of the hand, while square pulls are met with tactile surprise. After shape follows texture. Serrations and craters are hammered into the face of the metal, making no two architectural door handles completely alike. Finally, each pull is finished in a polished or darkened style. High-shine finishes glitter in the light, while darker ones work to compliment the front door.

In addition to our metal architectural door handles, wooden door pulls redefine traditional hardware. Rich colors contained in wood species such as Mahogany and Walnut, add a simple touch of warmth to any entryway. Contained by a structural metal saddle, each hardwood door handle is beautifully framed to show off its unique grain and color. Introducing a dash of organic warmth into highly modern settings adds variety and sparks curiosity.


Our high-end door hardware may be used to enhance any door or project. Residential or commercial, door pulls have a large impact on making a memorable first impression. Whether your front door is from Modern Steel Doors or someone else, our collection of architectural door handles is a transformative addition. For those homeowners just looking to remodel, a stunning new pair of door pulls is often all they need to achieve a new and improved look. Easy to ship, install, and enjoy, our statement door pulls are an automatic yes for most of our clients.

We all share the desire to build a home as unique as ourselves. Character lies in the details and begins at the front door. Turn heads by elevating your entryway with our statement high-end door hardware.

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