White Oak Full View Single Door with Matching Round Door Length Pulls

Solid White Oak hardwood is framed by a powder-coated black door border. This particular combination of black metal and white wood creates a striking contrast. The synthetic metal compliments the organic wood and allows its personality to shine. Metal construction ensures that the door frame will never warp or bow. This lets the metal assume the structural responsibility of the door unit and the wood to showcase its’ natural beauty.  The door pulls are round and the full length of the door, thus, alluding height and eliminating any additional sightlines.

Rough Pricing for the 5’ White Oak Full View Single Pivot Door with Matching Round Door Length Pulls
$10,700 as shown
$8,700 value-based nearly as shown
$6,200 budget based 42” x 96” Non-Pivot Door only

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Image Map
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