fancy front door made of authentic teak wood and metal with door length round door handles

Teak Paragon Single Door with Matching Round Door Length Pulls

The Paragon door is a modern wood entry door with metal framing. Its design consists of, generally four (depending on door height), horizontal wood sections framed by a wide metal. This modern single door uses our Teak in all four open sections. We used Teak because brown hardwoods are timeless and bring a visual feeling of warmth. You can customize this modern wood entry door to your liking by choosing a hardwood species that will complement other woodwork in the home. By coordinating the finishes and materials to the highest level, you will elevate the Paragon modern single door to the next level. In the depiction above, the Paragon door design has white metal framing to contrast the Teak wood in the door and the attractive wooden flooring. The white powder coating was chosen to match the windows throughout the home and the Teak was chosen to match the flooring. See all our metal door finishes for our powder-coat options.

The door-length round door pulls are also finished in a white powder coating. The scale of these pulls is a good fit for the size of this modern wood entry door. Powder-coated pulls are generally finished in the same color as the door. This detail allows another facet of the door to serve as the focal point. These pulls are welded directly to the door frame, they will never become loose and will stand the test of time. We have many other door pulls to choose from. Some are hand sculpted and become the conversational piece of the front door. Others can blend in and complement the large scale of a pivot door.

In addition to our own hardwoods, Modern Steel Doors provides an option for clients to have the wood already used in their homes. That way the modern wood entry door will match their home.

Pricing for the 5' Teak Paragon Modern Single Pivot Door with Matching Round Door Length Pulls
$18,780 as shown
$15,610 value-based nearly as shown
$10,460 budget based 42" x 96" Non-Pivot Door only

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