Blackened Metal Door with Square Brushed Stainless Door Length Pulls & Sidelite

Blackened Metal refers to the finish of the front door cladding material on the interior and exterior faces of the door. Metal sheets undergo our proprietary finishing process to achieve our organic mottled finish. The result is a Blackened Metal finish that is truly unique. Blackened Metal cladding can be applied as one single sheet per side or by the way of multiple panels per side. Single sheet-type applications create one continuous varying surface. The focal point would solely be on the movement of the finish on the single sheet door panel.  Multiple panel-type applications are more variable because each panel is different than the other. Each piece would have its own unique personality. Additionally, the seams between each panel create another architectural detail. Due to the movement of the finish and its “Organic” aesthetic, our black steel front door with a sidelight coordinates nicely with stone walls and floor coverings. Other natural finishes, such as wood walls, also work well with this modern black steel front door.

This entry door has one sidelight which is actually integrated into the frame for easy installation and fewer steps. In the market, it is common for sidelights to be sourced and installed separately. This can lead to a non-continuous appearance that may not be a perfect fit. Fully integrated and pre-hung door systems are invaluable and designed by Modern Steel Doors. Any of our designs can be built to include one or two sidelights as part of the comprehensive pivot system.

These square door-length pulls are finished strategically in Brushed Stainless Steel. In this case, the pulls allow the finish in the door panel to remain the focal point.  They do not detract from the industrial entry door. Round and bowed pulls are also available in the Brushed Stainless Steel finish. The pulls travel the entire height of the black steel door. Its span is limited to the height of the door, but the impressions they create are much, much more.

However, if you would like to make a bigger statement, our Blackened Metal cladding finish is the perfect background for any of our hand-sculpted pulls.

The modern black stainless steel door pictured above features one sidelight. Sidelights are a phenomenal source of lighting for your foyer. Clear Low E glass is the most common front door glass selected.  However, we offer other types of glass to provide privacy. Single sidelights are usually placed on the active side of the pivot door. Keep in mind the other architectural details of the home, such as rooflines and walkways, when selecting a single or pair of sidelights.  A single sidelight will promote asymmetry and a pair of sidelights promotes symmetry. Additionally, sidelights enable homeowners to see who is at the front door and can also be used to create clearance for furniture and/or stairs at the entryway. See all glass options for your front door.

Pricing for the 5' Blackened Metal Single Pivot Door with Square Brushed Stainless Door Length Pulls & Sidelite
$19,690 as shown
$15,400 value-based nearly as shown
$17,160 as shown single door only
$13,310 value-based single door only
$11,110 budget based 42" x 96" Non-Pivot Door single only

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