Modern Front Door Powder Coatings

Common questions

  • What colors are pivot doors available in?
  • Can I custom match the color of my pivot door?
  • How can I powder coat my aluminum pivot door?
  • Can anodized aluminum colors be matched?

The baking process ensures that the powder coating is thoroughly fused to the door surface.

Anodized aluminum finishes are limited to bronze, black or silver.

Modern Steel Doors are powder coated. We oven bake our durable powder coatings onto our doors at 425 degrees. The baking process ensures that the powder coating is thoroughly fused to the door surface. Popular architectural finishes are included. Custom and matched colors are available to complement every home.

Here is a description of Modern Steel Doors powder coatings.


  • Matte powder coating is a smooth matte black finish.
  • Architectural Black is a smooth semi-gloss black finish.
  • Hammered Black is a hammered matte black finish.
  • Architectural Steel is a smooth matte metallic black finish.


  • Architectural Bronze is a smooth semi-gloss bronze finish.
  • Hammered Bronze is a hammered matte metallic bronze finish.

Custom colors are smooth semi-gloss to gloss finishes.
Matched colors are smooth and match the color and sheen of your finish.

Our proprietary finishing process has taken decades to develop.

The quality and caliber of your front door is quickly determined by the attention to details. The front door is the first impression of a home and no step in the process should be overlooked. Every aspect of your door should be carefully considered together between the client and front door company. One of these pivotal details is the finishing of your front door. The following finishes have been thoughtfully selected and compliment a diversity of home entrances. The precise shades and sheens of these finishes have been considered at great depth. While these popular finishes are included, custom and matched colors are also available. Modern Steel Doors uses a proprietary finishing process that ensures the longevity and premium quality of your front door finish. A baking process is used to assure that the powder coating is thoroughly fused to the door surface. The time and diligence placed into crafting each front door from start to finish creates a breathtaking work that will stand the test of time.

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