Blackened Metal Single Door with Round Polished Faceted Door Length Pulls & Sidelites

Listen to your home. We can forget to “listen” to the front door that our home is asking for. A home may ask for an entry door that stands out from the home’s facade (see examples). This request is made by homes that feel sterile and lack curb appeal. It is always a great idea to take in the home as a whole while making the entry door selection.  Making this decision, in a vacuum, can later be viewed as an architectural mishap. On the contrary, taking the time and making a responsible decision can provide a heightened level of curb appeal.

Other homes ask for a break from all of the noise. They are exhausted by excess. This condition can be very obvious and sophomoric.  "The front door can be a strategic place for sophistication instead of more stuff." JCruz (front door designer). The following are two examples of how to express sophistication:

  • Size. An extraordinarily large door makes the statement of presence.
  • Art. Simple glass or metal doors can create a background for hand-sculpted hardware. This approach expresses depth.

This dark gray front door expresses sophistication in both size and art. The steel entry door has an organic Blackened Metal finish. This finish is comprised of blacks and grays with many hues in between.  The movement of the finish creates a door that becomes more interesting as visitors draw closer to the home. It also creates a background that makes the polished hand-sculpted door pulls stand out. The glass sidelites nearly double the overall size of this gorgeous entry door. This glass panel exterior door conditions visitors to prepare for an architectural masterpiece.

This Blackened Metal front door measures sixty-six inches wide and over one hundred inches tall. The door is flanked by two Full View sidelites that are two feet wide and the entire height of the door. These Full View sidelights utilize clear performance low E glass to increase energy efficiency. Various levels of low E glass are available - please contact us for glass ratings.  The clear glass lets in plenty of light. The low E coating keeps out the heat in the summer and keeps the heat inside in the winter. It’s the best of both worlds.

Rough Pricing for the 5' Blackened Metal Single Pivot Door with Round Door Length Polished Faceted Pulls & Sidelites
$20,900 as shown
$14,200 value-based as shown
$16,100 as shown door only
$9,900 value-based door only
$6,500 budget based 42" x 96" Non-Pivot Door only


  • This is a two-sided steel entry door design. This door design can be combined with other door designs that have the same yin-yang symbol. Different interior/exterior door designs and hardware can be combined. See Compatible Wood Doors

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  • Please Note: Prices begin at $5,000/Up (USD)

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