Wave Single Door with Matching Wave Pulls & Sidelite

Different glass shades subtly accentuate the unique wave door design. Clear glass was used above the wave and represents the sky. This also allows for a clear view through this contemporary glass door. Use this as a way to greet visitors or experience a beautiful sunrise/sunset. For the lower portion, tinted gray glass was used and represents the wave itself. "The ocean wave builds through the door and then crests in the sidelight." JCruz (designer) From a design perspective, this maintenance an aesthetic that is bottom-heavy.  The same upper and lower glass is used in the sidelight of this modern entry door.

The large design-driven custom made door pulls are sixty inches tall and strategically intersect the wave of this contemporary glass door. The average height of a woman in the US is sixty-four inches. These pulls are substantial. No other pulls in the world compete. The deadbolt has been placed in alignment with the wave design curve, creating a seamless and flowing design. There is no other modern entry door like this one and it commands attention.

Pricing for the 5' Wave Modern Front Door with Sidelights
$17,000 as shown
$14,500 value-based nearly as shown
$14,300 as shown door only
$11,600 value-based door only
$7,300 budget based 42" x 96" Non-Pivot Door only

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