Wave Single Door with Brushed Stainless Pull Covers & Sidelites

The Wave Glass Front Door was inspired by how people will travel far and long for ocean waves. The only thing lacking is the sound of crashing waves, one after another.  My first encounter with the ocean was at the age of fifteen. The ocean's sound, taste, and smell made a lasting impression that still lives on decades later. That experience was the inspiration for the Wave Glass Front Door. A modern front door that was designed to take you back to your favorite day at the beach and remind you how the water feels on your feet.

Modern homes tend to be very linear - full of straight lines and ninety-degree angles. The Wave Glass Front Door introduces a very well thought out and mild curve. A curve is an organic shape because there are no straight lines in nature. The Wave Door Design strategically introduces a curve into a linear environment and, indirectly, creates a focal point that will draw eyes and movement towards it.

The door pull on this modern front door is a tactile and essential part of the experience. These door pulls are three-dimensional and massive. They are layered to the interior and exterior. There is a total of five steps to the Wave Glass Front Door. The interior and exterior faces can be highlighted with Brushes Stainless Steel cladding. Brushed Stainless Steel cladding creates a focal point for the entire door. See all cladding finish options above.

Pricing for the 5' Wave Single Pivot Door with Brushed Stainless Pull Accents & Sidelites
$28,970 as shown
$24,290 value-based nearly as shown
$18,090 as shown door only
$14,680 value-based door only
$9,240 budget based 42" x 96" Non-Pivot Door only

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