Mahogany Wave Single Pivot Door with Matching Wave Pulls

This amazing design was created by our front door artist J Cruz.  Inspiration for his designs arise from every part of life. See the video below of how an ocean wave-inspired this one of a kind front door design.

This single door features our Wave design. We compare this to a one-of-a-kind designer dress.  Everyone has a dress, but very few have one at this level. This modern front door design is available in pivoting or conventional swing type hinges. Pivot hinges create more drama, serve as a conversation piece and will accommodate wider doors. No words are needed, pivot doors make their own case as a statement piece.  Conventional swing hinges are appropriate for doors that are 42” wide or less. Specify the Wave door design to help make a smaller door create a large visual image.

Mahogany hardwood was incorporated for the lower part of this Wave design. This door’s bronze powder coating and the Mahogany complement the materials and finishes used on the home’s interior. Mahogany also provides an organic and warm visual element.  The level of customization here allows the home to flow as one cohesive and complete element. The finish and design materials can be chosen to compliment your home’s interior, exterior or stand on its own. Feel free to use your imagination when designing this front door.

Our Wave Door design was created by our entry door designer J. Cruz. View the following video on how an ocean wave-inspired this one of a kind front door design.  If you enjoy the water, we are sure you’ll be able to relate.

Pricing for the 5' Mahogany Wave Single Pivot Door with Matching Wave Pulls
$14,400 as shown
$12,400 value-based as shown
$8,700 budget based 42" x 96" Non-Pivot Door only

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