luxury exterior door made of washed teak wood and glass with curved modern door handles

Washed Teak Eclectic Single Door with Riveted Radial Pulls

Eclectic [ ih-klek-tik ]

  1. selecting or choosing from various sources.
  2. made up of what is selected from different sources.
  3. not following any one system, but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.

Our Eclectic mixed-material door was conceptualized with the intention of bringing different materials together to create a unique front door. This modern front door with a semi-circle door pull is an open palette. Anything goes as long as it looks absolutely amazing.

The mixed door illustrated above uses Washed Teak Hardwood for the accent areas and clear Low E glass for the primary glass background. The clear glass lets in plenty of daylight and allows both of the Riveted Radial semi-circle door pulls to be seen from the home's interior or exterior. Clear glass disappears and emphasizes the beauty of the hardwood. Architectural White powder coating compliments the Washed Teak Hardwood. Black powder coating can be used with brown hardwoods such as Mahogany or Walnut. Actually, black seems to work with any hardwood even White Oak. Black creates a dramatic contrast with all woods. White can be a little trickier and requires better planning. Whereas, you can't go wrong with Black.

Modern Steel Doors carries the most extensive line of door pulls available anywhere. This mixed door includes Riveted Radial door pulls. The door pulls are semi-circles with a raised molding center. The raised molding is fixed to the large pull background via large rivets. Hence the name "Riveted Radial" door pulls. These semi-circle door pulls are just under 36" tall and complete each other when used on the Eclectic double doors.

The Modern Steel Doors staff has decades of experience helping our clients make epic front doors. We look forward to helping you with your front door as well.

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