modern front double door made of different opacities of glass and curved stainless door handles

Eclectic Double Door with Riveted Radial Pulls with Brushed Stainless Accents

Eclectic [ ih-klek-tik ]

  1. selecting or choosing from various sources.
  2. made up of what is selected from different sources.
  3. not following any one system, but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.

The Eclectic front door was conceptualized with the intention of bringing different materials together to create a unique front door. This door design is an open palette. Anything goes as long as it looks absolutely amazing. See client reviews and doors.

The illustrated Eclectic front door is quite unique in that it does not use any clear glass. This front door is truly Eclectic. Here is a description and list of each of the door design elements.

  • Double Pivot Doors. The overall width of the pair of 66" wide pivot doors is eleven feet. The active door is used to go in and out and the inactive door can be opened by unlatching the upper and lower concealed flushbolts.
  • Riveted Radial Door Pulls. These door pulls complete each other when they are used on a double door. The double door set of Riveted Radial door pulls measures almost 36" wide and 36" tall.
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Accents are used on these sections of the front door. See more metal backgrounds.
    • The Riveted Radial doors pulls have a Brushed Stainless Steel background and rivet heads.
    • The two lower horizontal sections have Brushed Stainless Steel backgrounds. These panels have a horizontal brushed grain to accentuate the panels' horizontal quality.
    • The two upper vertical sections have Brushed Stainless Steel backgrounds as well. These panels have a vertical brushed grain to accentuate the panels' vertical quality.
  • Vertically Textured Glass. See more glass backgrounds. The two glass panels are the mean of light entry. Vertical glass textures accentuate the upper vertical theme of this front door. Privacy is achieved because nothing is distinguishable on either side of the door.
  • Architectural Steel Powder Coating. See more powder coatings. Architectural Steel powder coating worked nicely with this glass and metal combination because it has micro metal flakes which can be seen in direct sunlight.
  • Round Narrow Backset Deadbolt in Matching Finish.  See more locks.

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