modern single front door made of color glass with curved door pulls and sidelight on home entrance

Eclectic Single Door with Riveted Radial Pulls & Sidelite

Eclectic [ ih-klek-tik ]

  1. selecting or choosing from various sources.
  2. made up of what is selected from different sources.
  3. not following any one system, but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.

The Eclectic front door was conceptualized with the intention of bringing different materials together to create a unique entry door. This metal and glass front door design is an open palette. Anything goes as long as it looks absolutely amazing.

The Eclectic modern front door with one sidelight, shown above, uses a combination of glass and steel. The lower glass is frosted, available in single and double. Single frosted glass refers to one frosted pane and one clear pane of glass. Double frosted glass refers to a frosted glass pane and another frosted glass pane. The reflective silver glass was used in the vertical glass pane on the inactive side of the pivot door. Clear Low E glass was used on the large door panel. The large clear glass panel is typically the primary means of light entry; however, the sidelight nearly doubles the area of clear glass.

Sidelights may be added to any of our modern front doors. A metal and glass front door with at least one sidelight is a great way to increase the size and visual impact of your entry door. Here are two types of sidelight designs.

  1. Plain. A plain sidelight creates a blank space and emphasizes the actual door. Clear glass and no design are the only way to go when adding sidelight(s) to a metal door. One sidelight is a nice way to be nonsymmetrical and two sidelights are an opportunity to make the front door even bigger. A single sidelight is best placed on the active side of your front door.
  2. Door Design Elaboration. Some of our front door designs look better with a sidelight that elaborates on the door design. The design elaboration elaborates on the simple part of the design. For example, the illustrated design elaborated on the clear glass part of the door rather than the reflective glass part of the door. This approach also serves to shine the spotlight on the beautiful Riveted Radial door pulls.

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