Most Popular Door Designs

JANUARY 2, 2022 | Published in GUIDE

Our most sought after front door designs and client favorites are discussed in this article

Modern Steel Doors’ premiere collection of door designs features an impressive variety. From distinct modern design to unexpected creativity, there is an ideal door for all of our clients. However, after decades in business, a few particular designs continue to be client favorites. Our 3 most popular door designs include the Full View Door, Metal Door, and Horizon Door. A large part of what makes these doors extremely popular is their versatility and simplicity. Although minimalistic in design, customization allows for a tailored fit to each project.

Full View Door

The Full View Door Design is a timeless classic. This is one of the most popular door designs because it intentionally uses materials in a grand way. A structural metal door frame contains the client’s material of choice. A diversity of glass and wood finishes allow for many different looks. While glass creates an airy and translucent effect, wood is warm and inviting. Such a simple design, nevertheless, has great effect and power on the home.

High-quality and authentic hardwood is a beautiful architectural material. The Full View Design in particular frames wood in an artistic and composed manner. Light-toned woods such as White Oak and Teak are cool and invigorating, while darker woods such as Walnut are warm and welcoming. The Wood Full View is attractive in any custom size and never fails to impress.

Glass is a timeless and elegant material that offers an ever-changing scene. The Full View Glass Door capitalizes on large views and high visibility. Natural light fills the interior of the home and changes throughout the day. Sophisticated and minimalistic, this design is an enduring client favorite.

Metal Door

The Metal Door Design is a hallmark of modern design. Simple, structural, and assertive, this design makes a home statement. A variety of finishes and metal skins allow the same door design to create many different effects.

The Raw Steel door skin is one of our most stunning claddings and a client favorite. Our unique treatment process reveals blue and grey tones within the metal and creates amazing heat signatures. The Raw Steel combines organic and industrial for a distinct impression. From afar and up close, the Raw Steel Metal Door turns heads and sparks interest.

Such a simple and consistent design poses the opportunity to get creative. Introducing natural light via sidelites or a wood accent door pull adds additional interest to the overall composition. Moreover, adding a door lite on the Metal Door breaks up the space and adds dimension. These additional design features truly transform a great door into an exceptional work of art.

Horizon Door

The Horizon Door Design elegantly frames architectural material in a big way. This design skillfully combines multiple materials into a stacked and balanced composition. Whether the homeowner chooses metal, glass, or wood, this material is positioned front and center in the middle segment of the design. The glass segments above and below frame this material.

Clients may choose wood for a warmer appearance or metal to maintain a cooler look. Moreover, frosted or textured glass in the center segment sustains maximum translucency. The Horizon Door permits bouts of natural light while still featuring a dominant material. While slightly more complex than the Full View or Metal Door, this design complements many home entryways and remains a client favorite.

Builder’s Series

The Builder’s Series is a simplified and economic version of the same premiere line of Modern Steel Door designs. Removing unnecessary features allows us to reduce the price and make more dream doors possible. The Builder’s Series version of our front doors is extremely popular among our clients. A slightly simplified door often keeps the project within budget while still giving the homeowner everything they had hoped for. Understandably, the Builder’s Series makes up the majority of client orders.

Homeowners search for a front door that will advance their vision of their home and make an impression. Of our diverse collection of front door designs, a few in particular stand out. The Full-View, Metal, and Horizon Door designs capture our clients’ unique tastes. Additionally, the Builder’s Series line allows homeowners to achieve their ideal front door at a lower cost. Options, customizability, and lasting impression are all captured by our front doors.

Outstanding design extends beyond aesthetics and into function. Learn more about the proprietary operation features designed by and exclusive to Modern Steel Doors here. Moreover, simple front door designs, such as the Metal & Full View Doors, can be enhanced with distinctive hardware. Serving as the focal point of the entryway, door pulls play a critical tactile and visual role. Learn more about hardware options and possibilities here.

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