Black Glass Door with round pull

The Horizon Door is simple and balanced. Click on the images below to see our clients' Horizon Doors.

Glass, Metal and Walnut Wood Pivoting Front Door with Square Serrated Pull by Modern Steel Doors
Glass, Metal and Washed Teak Wood Pivoting Front Door with round faceted pull by Modern Steel Doors
Glass, Frosted Glass and Metal Pivoting Front Door with square stainless pull by Modern Steel Doors
Glass, Metal and Teak Wood Pivoting Front Door with Round Crater pull by Modern Steel Doors
Glass & Clear Powder Coated Raw Steel Pivoting Front Door with Square pull by Modern Steel Doors
Glass & White Oak Wood Pivoting Front Door with Round Antler pull by Modern Steel Doors
Glass & Mahogany Wood Pivoting Front Door with Round Polished Faceted pull by Modern Steel Doors
Glass & Metal Pivoting Front Door by Modern Steel Doors
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Modern Steel Doors does one thing.

We make epic front doors.

The Horizon double front door with sidelights stacks architectural materials in a framed and balanced manner. However, the primary spotlight of this design shines on the center segment. This center segment invites the opportunity to highlight a material of choice in a large way. Whether it be wood, metal or glass, the detail within the material is especially underscored in these pivot entrance doors. Different finishes create different impressions on the front door and home as a whole.

Wood is a favorite material to spotlight in the Horizon Door Design. Unique from glass and metal, wood contains an organic and natural beauty. Variations in the tone, grain, and species of wood make no two planks alike and add natural dimension. When combined with glass and metal, wood stands forth on its own. We offer a variety of hardwood finishes from cool to warm tones.

Glass is typically included above and below the center segment in the Horizon Door. This glass framing introduces bouts of visibility and natural light into the home. Negative space above and below the center segment allows the dominant material to especially stand out. Glass can also be used as the dominant material in the center segment. Frosted or textured glass are great options to create contrast between the upper and lower clear glass segments.

Metal can also be used in the center segment of the Horizon Door. The metal may be finished with our powered-coated finishes or cladded with our metal skins. Our metal cladding is exclusive to and developed by Modern Steel Doors. Through our proprietary treatment process, the dormant beauty of metal is revealed. Each sheet of metal contains its own unique marks and heat signatures.

The door pull is where we physically unite with the front door. Another key way to elevate the Horizon Door or any other design is through statement hardware. Front door hardware acts are a focal point and functional work of art. Create an eye-catching glimmer with a polished finish or a disappearing effect with a Concise Pull. Door hardware is a transformative detail on every front door and home front.

Modern Steel Doors values creativity, innovation, and passion. Engineered for longevity and designed to turn heads, our pivot entrance doors set the industry standard. With over 20 year of experience, our team shares our clients’ vision and passion for excellence.

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