Teak Horizon Double Door with Round Faceted Pulls

This front door is a double-hung door. Double doors are also referred to as a pair of front doors. The double door configuration is most commonly used for entry doors for various reasons. We have an unconscious need for symmetry and balance. Symmetry conveys correctness whereas asymmetry conveys error. The innate need for symmetry is expressed in our definition of beauty. A double front door is an expression of our unconscious need for symmetry and balance.

Wood is warm, inviting, and living. However, wood lacks the tenacity required for long term structural integrity. Steel has the perseverance that is required for longevity and precision. Each material is ideal in its own right. Together, steel and wood can be used to create a balanced front door. Steel will not warp or fail and wood will be beautiful. Modern Steel Doors (MSD) combines wood and steel to create balanced front doors. This balance is not one of symmetry. It is a balance of opposites that combine to create something greater than the parts both aesthetically and functionally.

Hand sculpted metal is another example of how MSD contradicting materials and methods are used to create a unique outcome. Metal is straight, consistent and machine-made. Hand sculpting is arbitrary, inconsistent and controlled chaos. Metal contributes to the structural longevity and the sculpting contributes to the beauty of the composition. We make each of one of our hand-sculpted door pulls by hand for each door.

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