Is It Necessary To
Cut Into My Floor ?

Why do pivot door installations require cutting into the concrete floor?

Typically, pivot door installation is very invasive, requiring cutting and drilling into the floor. Post tension slabs do not allow any cutting or drilling. At Modern Steel Doors, we have eliminated this common problem. Our pivot doors are shipped ready-to-install without any subfloor cutting or drilling. Normally, the different components of a pivot door are obtained from different manufacturers and combined. Modern Steel Doors, in contrast, produces every component of our pivot doors in-house and are designed to operate seamlessly with one another. The result is an effortless, one-piece pivot door.

Generic pivot door hinges are fastened as an addition, not an integration. Generic bottom metal door hinges are installed at the time of installation, into or on top of the subfloor, and generic top hinges are preinstalled in the jamb head. Generic pivot door hinges require that the pivot door be hinged after the jamb and threshold have been installed. This method of installation prohibits the ability to rack the jamb in order to compensate for the extra width and weight of the pivot door. Pivot doors must be racked, at the time of installation, in order to counteract the pivot door’s tendency to lean downward due to its massive size and weight.

Generic pivot door hinges are fastened as an addition, not an integration.

Modern Steel Doors integrates the modern door hinges with the jamb and threshold. Therefore, the entire pivot door arrives ready to stand and install. Integrative installation, of the pivot door and jamb enables racking the pivot door jamb as needed.

Why do pivot doors sag?

Pivot doors have a reputation of sagging over time. While all doors sag over time, sagging is commonly seen in pivot doors due to their extreme widths and common jamb joints. Our pivot door construction, however, counteracts this tendency. At Modern Steel Doors, our pivot doors are one comprehensive unit that begins and ends within the door frame. We do not mix and match door parts from different manufacturers because our doors are 100% designed, assembled, and shipped from our facility.

The Technical Reason

Joints are at their best when they are new. Joints tend to separate over time and with use. The solution is to eliminate all joints. Modern Steel Doors are free of door and jamb joints because they are fully welded. Over time joints separate and then doors sag. Our doors and jambs have no joints.

Each Modern Steel Doors threshold is custom made and welded to the jamb.

Generic thresholds are fastened to the subfloor at the time of installation and pivot door jambs are fastened to the wall. The two corners where the jamb meets the threshold are not fastened together, resulting in separation over time and jamb misalignment. The sizes and configurations of generic pivot door thresholds are very limited.

Each Modern Steel Doors threshold is custom made and welded to the jamb. We tailor each front door threshold to your exact floor covering height and configuration. Our thresholds are permanently welded to the jamb and powder-coated together. The result is a seamless threshold that will never loosen.

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