Frosted Glass Horizon Door with Square Stainless Pull

Glass, Frosted Glass and Metal Pivoting Front Door with square stainless pull by Modern Steel Doors
Glass & Metal Pivoting Front Door by Modern Steel Doors
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The Horizon Door is a simple design transformed by creative materials. The center segment of this design is the primary factor that defines the overall effect of the door. Some clients seek bold energy, while others want to maintain a sleek and simplistic entryway. Glass as an architectural material achieves this minimalistic and airy energy.

The material used in the center segment of the Horizon Door above is Frosted Glass. Frosted Glass is a great option for those who want heightened privacy while maintaining the benefits of glass, such as natural light. Even though this particular door is made entirely of glass, the wide segments that define the Horizon Design are still separate and distinct. Different glass finishes create unique effects and are great considerations for the center segment of the Horizon Door.

The hardware selected for the door featured above compliments the light and sleek aesthetic of the design. Maintaining straight lines and grey tones, the Square Stainless Pull was a perfect choice. Hardware can be used to capture a bold effect or simply blend into the overall composition, as in the pivot door above. Our Stainless Steel Door pulls are custom cut, shaped, and finished to the specifications of each unique project. The hardware of the front door is a visual and tactile detail that should be considered at great depth.

Combining multiple pivot doors across the home is an option considered by many clients. Other important doors within the home, such as that of a guest house, are opportunities to extend the same energy of the front door throughout the home. A more subtle derivative of the front door is ideal in these entryways to create consistency and maintain a high level of detail. J. Cruz discusses this option in depth here.

The front door is the first and last impression of your home. It is a functional work of art to be used and admired for years to come.

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